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About Us: We are a board that puts a focus on examining the Scriptures and drawing out one’s logic for truths rather than seeking ways to launch personal attacks or create disruptions, or merely asserting repetitive old arguments in order to avoid searching out those truths. If that kind of interaction and environment is of interest to you we welcome you to join us.

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Greetings (All Members)
(Tell us a little about yourself.)
33 185
by Ben
(New to the faith or just curious? Ask questions here – where your answers are assured to come from Pastors and Layman who are versed in Biblical Theology and can give you Scripturally sound answers to questions commonly (and even not commonly) asked about the faith.)
4 30
The non believer & undecided
by Pharaun

(Hear my prayer, O God; give ear to the words of my mouth. ~ Psalms 54:2)

17 68
Putting it in God's Hands
by Pharaun
Symposium on Politics
Abortion, 2nd Amendment, Upholding the Constitution, etc. Are we really looking at "2 sides of the same coin"?
4 10
2 6
Republican Presumptive Nominee
2 3
1 1
Democratic Presumptive Nominee
4 8
(Where we dare to have conversations that mix politics and religion.)
24 196
Dedicated to education and believes that our nation’s welfare depends on a well-informed citizenry.
3 3
Discussion, Debate, Theology and Bible Study Forums (All Christians)
(Bible topics, doctrinal discussions, and systematic theology.)
27 213
(Biblical topics & feedback, questions & answers, commentary, tools, study guides and sources.)
19 108
(Christian’ views of cultural traditions, changes, roles and the challenges they face in the world.)
11 54
If you're more interested in making a statement than discussion and debate. Your thoughts are welcome here, but be aware they may be challenged as per the ethical debate standards of this board.
5 43
Fall From Grace
by Ben
(Theological science concerned with end times.)
5 55
Revelation 17
by JJ84
(Local and world news events discussed.)
21 86
(Comparing versions, interpretations and translations of the Bible.)
7 90
(Theology devoted to the defense of the divine origin and authority of Christianity.)
10 47
(In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. ~ Genesis 1:1)
4 50
Philosophical Theology Forums (All Christians)
Critical evaluation, discussion and debate of the philosophical concepts used to construct and explain Biblical interpretations and doctrines.
5 40
Defining, evaluating and comparing the terms we use to discuss theology.
4 34
The Definition of Hyper-Calvinism
by Ben
Evaluating theological claims, thinking about thinking and our primary tools for making better judgments about whether a claim is true or not.
4 24
Logic Formula
The Christian - Heretic’s Corner - (All Member Forums)
(Examine, discuss and debate the formal denial or doubt of core doctrines of the Christian faith. – NOTE: No proselytizing of heresies allowed.)
11 82
Trinity Evidence All False
by Ben
Fellowship Forums (All Christians)
(Discussion of missionary work and evangelism)
2 43
John of Japan
Soul-Winning Poems
(General Christian Topics and Sub-forum Categories)
18 80
(General Bulletin Posts and categories to post your Pictures, Videos, Hobby Talk, Special Interests, Websites, or just make a statement about how bored you are and uneventful life has been to you lately.)
33 112
Pictures (2/6)
Videos (15/47)
Hobby Talk (3/11)
Websites (4/9)
(General Recreation Posts and categories for Jokes, Interesting Stories, Self-identity, Friendly Discussion, Relaxation & Fun - Where you say a bunch of nice stuff to each other before diving into the thick of things.)
29 140
Jokes (12/54)
Games (2/24)
Polls (2/6)
(Brew up some conversation about what you've been reading - don't forget the java.)
4 58
Favorite Books
by Ken
(Your wealth can only grow to the extent you do. ~ T. Harv Eker)
3 22
(A place for geeks to mingle and others to probe them for Info.)
7 47
Web Site Building Do's and Don'ts
by Ben
(Systematic Anti-Couch Potatoism)
19 79
Philadelphia Passes Soda Tax
by Ben
(Where intensity is not a perfume!)
6 49
Congratulations to the Bronco's
by Ben
(General Home Economics and categories for Consumer Sciences, Managing the Home & Family, Gardening, Cooking, Household Chores and Crafts, and Child Development.)
5 42
Spring Cleaning
by Ben
Gardening (0/0)
Cooking (1/11)
(Girly stuff)
1 3
(Guy stuff)
3 24
(Men are from earth, Women are from earth, deal with it!! …Marriage - ups, downs and the never-ending search for middle ground.)
7 23
Quotes about Marriage
by Stan
(Discussion of topics that don't fall into the other categories.)
14 85
Christian Topics of Interest
(The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise. ~ Proverbs 11:30)
7 38
(Discussion of the Methods Used to Preserve God’s Words.)
1 58
(Reviewing Books and Authors of Christian Literature.)
4 17
Baptist Theological Discussion, Debate and Bible Study Forums (Baptists Only)
(Biblical topics & feedback, questions & answers, commentary, tools, study guides and sources.)
11 83
Dying to One's Self
by Ben
(Got Doctrine? - A place to explore, present and put it to the test.)
9 43
(Baptist’ views of cultural traditions, changes, roles and the challenges they face in the world.)
10 71
(Practices associated with Baptist’ patterns of worship or rites, which developed over time.)
6 42
(Local and world Baptist news events discussed.)
2 8
(Discussion of the fundamental essentials and conservative theology.)
3 46
(Discussion of missionary work and evangelism)
3 45
John of Japan
Soul Winner's Plan
(The challenges and joys of ministry and a place for inquisition, encouragement and guided prayer.)
2 7
New Life Counseling
by Ben
Soteriology Arena (All Christians)
(All Christian – A forum offering the rather unique opportunity to discuss salvation theories for those who are genuinely interested in the honorable objectives of getting to and drawing out the truths within soteriological issues up for debate.)
23 149
Free Will
by Pharaun
(All Christian - General Soteriological Theology Topics and Sub-Forums (Arminian/Free Will Affiliated Members Only)
18 70
(All Christian - General Soteriological Theology Topics and Sub-Forums (Calvinist/Determinist Affiliated Members Only)
4 4
One-on-One Theological Debate Cage (All Christians - Categorized)
(Specifying topics, naming opponents and clarifying conditions.) (Semi-Formal / Formal Debate)
2 6
(All Christian - Semi-Formal / Formal Debate)
1 16
(Baptist - Semi-Formal / Formal Debate)
0 0
(AKA - Baptist Symposium Member Discussions Gone Wild!)
2 3
(Here's your chance to rumble with & rule over your “friends” that need to be shown their place…just for the fun of it.) (All Christian - Informal / Semi-Formal Debate)
0 0
(5 rounds, 5 smileys, 5 words each? You make the rules – may the best smileys win!) (All Christian - Informal / Smiley-Formal Debate)
2 12
Smiley Fishing - Open Challenge
by Ben
Extraordinary Theologians
(The preaching, writings and spiritual mentoring of AW Tozer.)
1 1
Quoting A. W. Tozer
by Ben
(Information, Discussion and History Regarding the Influential Evangelist and Renowned Pastor John R Rice.)
4 48
John R. Rice and the Calvinists
by Ben
(Discussion about the theological contributions from John Wesley.)
2 19
(The roots, influences, and doctrines of Molinism.)
2 2
(Make suggestions for new categories here.)
0 0
(Keeping you informed about the happenings and format changes concerning the board.)
5 22

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Symposium's Christian Feature Presentation - "Evil Empire" Speech by President Reagan - Address to the National Association of Evangelicals

Symposium's Christian Feature Presentation - "Evil Empire" Speech by President Reagan - Address to the National Association of Evangelicals Module

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